Rahasya transl. Mystery is a Indian murder mystery film which is directed by Manish Gupta. Carrying a cup of tea, Remy knocks on the room door of Ayesha, the year-old daughter of Dr Sachin.

With no response, Remy enters the room to find Ayesha's dead body on the bed. Horrified, she screams and calls for Dr Sachin and the police. Sachin says he doesn't remember a thing from the previous night as he was drunk. Ayesha's mother, Dr Aarti returns from Pune and is shocked by the news. Remy tells the police that the family's other servant, Chetan, has also been missing since Ayesha's murder.

It is also revealed that Ayesha was pregnant and had a boyfriend named Riyaz. Evidence from the early stages of the investigation lead the detectives to believe that Dr Sachin is the prime suspect, and he is thus taken under judicial custody.

Not convinced with the evidence, he begins a fresh investigation. He soon discovers that Sachin is having an extra-marital affair with Brinda Mita Vashishta former actress who is married to Sachin's colleague, Dr Hansal. Hansal is aware of the relationship and the couples frequent stays in a five-star hotel. Once, while following Sachin and Brinda, he spots Ayesha and Riaz in the same hotel. Sachin also sees his daughter and warns Ayesha to break up with Riyaz. The two separate but Riyaz continues to sneak into Ayesha's house when her parents are away.

Hansal, who lives in the building right across the Mahajans', sees Riyaz enter the house one night, and deliberately calls Sachin to inform him. In a drunk state, and unable to control his anger, Sachin attacks Riyaz with a surgical knife, injuring him on the arm. In a bid to save Riyaz, Ayesha hits her father on the head and he falls unconscious.

Panicked, the two drag Sachin to his room and put him to bed. Riyaz leaves and Ayesha goes to sleep. Paraskar is thus convinced that Sachin is not the killer. Brinda hires a prominent lawyer, who succeeds in getting Sachin out on bail. After the trial, Sachin tells Aarti that he wants a divorce, and afterwards he books into a hotel with Brinda.

Paraskar hunts down Riyaz, who has been hiding since the murder.

duniya ke rahasya hindi me

During the interrogation, Paraskar and Riyaz are attacked and Riyaz is later found dead. Paraskar also discovers missing servant Chetan's dead body in the Mahajan house, adding to the mystery.

Soon after, Chetan's relative Sudhakar Mishra is killed as well. Paraskar then interrogates Remy, and it is revealed that she had previously given birth, contrary to her earlier claims of never having been in a relationship.

He meets her mother, who points out to a picture of a younger Remy, and the pieces finally fall in place, ending the investigation.

At the hotel, Sachin's dead body is found and the local police conclude that he committed suicide due to the guilt from the case. However, Paraskar is not convinced and summons Aarti, Remy, Brinda, Hansal, Riyaz's parents and local police officers to the Mahajan house, where Ayesha was killed. He reveals that Ayesha was not the biological child of Aarti but was instead the daughter of Remy.

Remy and Sachin had an affair when they were younger, but class differences did not allow Sachin to marry her, so he married Aarti instead. However, Aarti is infertile so the couple decided to adopt a child. Sachin pretends to adopt a child, bringing home his daughter with Remy. He also hires Remy as a full-time maid and nanny.It stars Gautam Rode and Payal Rajput in lead roles.

It is a thriller based story in the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh about a boy who possesses supernatural powers. Unaware of the gift as a child, as he grows older, his powers start showing. A girl named Maya starts liking Rudra.

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Meanwhile, Rudra is one of the seven protectors of Amrit which appears every years during Mahakumbh. His father, Shivanand Manish Wadhwa is one of the leading Garudas. The story begins with Baby Rudra visiting the Mahakumbh with his father. Then the bridge to Ganga is blown up as a plan of Balivesh, one of the leading priests of Mahakumbh, who has pledged his allegiance to the Naga clan. This has led to animosity between the two clans.

Rudra's father is kidnapped by a man named Mr. Greyerson, who describes himself as the member of a Secret society who had connection with Nazis precisely Thule Society. Greyerson brought Rudra's father to Poland where he is tortured and probed for the secret of Amrit. He had been exchanging notes with Dr. Meanwhile, Rudra is thrown into water due to the impact of the blast. The entire episode is eavesdropped by Udiya Baba, who tries to save Rudra who is on a chariot, getting ready to shoot an arrow at Ravana's effigy.

The bomb has been planted in the chariot.

निधिवन : 10 अद्भुत और अनोखे रहस्य । Nidhivan : Dus anokhe aur adbhut rahasya in hindi

When Udiya Baba tries to save Rudra, the bomb explodes, but Rudra escapes unhurt. The burning effigy falls over Udiya Baba and he is badly hurt. Rudra brings him out of the fire miraculously. Udiya Baba is treated, but does not have long to live.

He pleads Rudra to bring his wife for a final meeting.

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Rudra brings his wife and Udiya Baba passes away peacefully. However, Rudra realises that the Garuda Birthmark on his back is responsible for danger over his loved ones. He tries to peel it away with his rope, but is stopped by Mai Mui. Khoya paye pandey says that he knows Rudra's parents and takes Rudra to Balivesh where he was captured but later with help of his extra oridinay powers escapes from Balivesh's clutches.

Rudra escapes from Mai Mui as he thinks that Udiya Baba had died because of him and meets a vulgler who also has a garuda symbol like him later he comes back to Mai Mui After some years leap Rudra is a grown up and he cemetres dead bodies in a river side.

He meets maya with whom he later falls in love with, later mai mui was also killed by khoye paye pandey. Maya takes rudra to allahabad to her uncle Balivesh. Balivesh with his father wanted to kill Maya for a sacrifice.

On one night rudras father sivanand comes back. He reveals to rudra that he is a garud and shivanavd is garud head. They had to find the other 5. Catherine a foreigner girl comes to allahabad to explore mahakumbh and the boy whom rudra had met in the escape was sent by shivanand's teacher both are revealed to be garud.

A woman who lived in the river side who is believed to be mentally ill is also a garud. An old woman resembles mai mui enters and is revealed to be a garud. A government officers who was finding cur for bad water of ganga is the 7th and last garud.Sir, Mera ek chota sa sawal hai ki science hame brahmand ke baare me samajhne ka ek saadhan ya gyaan hai jo manav sabhayata ke vikas ke saath aur bhi develop ho raha hai jo sambhanao per aadharit hai kya hum ye jaan sakte hai ki big bang ke time per us bindu ka aakar ya ghanatwa kya raha hoga jis me visphot hua?

Sir, describe the all particles which exists in the universe. As: e, p, n, positronnuetrino etc. Sab bakwas hJo bana h vo ek din jarur mitega, jese sarir Marta h vese hi brahmand bhi marega. Urja bhi kamjor pad jati h. Mera apse ye prashan hai ki…. Bramand ka banna ek rasaynik parkriya h ,ye rasayno se bana hisme bhagwan ka koi roll nahi h, kyoki Marne wale ko koi nahi bacha sakta h. Pul par kadam taal kar ke nai chalna chahiye, kyu ki iske kampan se bridge hilne lagta hai, to ye sound ka hi to asar hai, usi tarah mantra shaktiya hoti hai jinka asar bahot hota hai.

Par ham log uska sahi use nai jante. Bhagwan shri krishna ji ne khud kaha hai ki mai jayada gayniyo ke pas nai jata…. Ashish Ji apka lekh bahut hi gyanbardhak hai iske liye dhanyabad. Lekin apke anusar ishwar ka astitv nahi hai, yah bhi sahi ho sakta hai. Bhai insaan bhi sex krta hai aur sbi jeev jantu bhi karte hai. Aapka eh lekh padhkar bahut hi achcha laga ashish shri wastaw g mai ram ajor prajapati distric — sant kabir nagar U P.

Sir, agar bramand ka vistar lgatar ho rha h to prathvi aur sun tatha prathvi aur anya grahon ki bich ki duri bhi bad rhi h…? Sir mujhe btaye ki hm log itte logo ki beech rehte h…or pura soormandal bhi h …. Sir mera naam manish h Black hole kaise bnta h please detail m explain kijiye because you said black hole m bhi gravitation force hota h isliye confuse hu.

Krpya muzhe black hole k baare me btaye. Kya ye ak gas k gola hota h. Ya ye ak solid matter se bna h ya phir ye sirf ak hole h jo or kahi ja kar khul ta h please tell me.Vaise yadi aap iss blog ke purane reader hai to iss paragraph ko chhod de kyoki mai isame yah batata hu ki aap yah book download kar sakte hai ki nahi aur iss book ki baat kare to yah book bhi royalty book hai.

Jo ki aap free hindi pdf me nahi pa sakte hai ise padhne ke liye aapko kuchh paise pay karner padenge. To aap uss book ke principle aur method aap yaha free me padh sakte hai aur aap book ko offline ya online dono methode se kharid sakte hai. Law of Attraction ka prayog bade — bade mahan logo ne kiya koi yah janta tha to koi jane anjane me hi ise use karta tha jisase use bhavisya me avisvasniya parinam ya Result mile.

duniya ke rahasya hindi me

Apko bata de ki duniya me ya you kahe iss pure bramhand me har ek chij urja ka ek rup hai aur sabhi ki ek frequency hoti hai. To hamare sarir ko hi aap lele to iski bhi ek frequency hai To iss tarah se aap samajh sakte hai ki iss bramhand me bani har chij ek urja ka rup hai aur uski ek frequency hai to kul milakar ham iss bramhand se jude huye hai aur ab jo ham apne dimag me sochte hai.

To Law of Attraction yani Akarsan ka niyam yah kahta hai ki yadi aap apne dimag me bure vichar hi sochate rahte hai to aapka dimag buri chijo ko hi apni taraf akarsit karta hai aur jab aap apne dimag me achhi chijo ka vichar karte hai. Aur usi tarah ki hi chijo ko apni taraf attract kartew hai Ab mai isi tarah ke aur bhi example batata hu. To jo bimari use nahi hone ko bhi hoti hai na to vah bhi use akhir me ho hi jaati hai.

Aur fir jab ho jaati hai to uska visvas aur majbut hota hai ki are mai pahle se hi jaan raha tha ki yah mujhe hone wala hai. Lekin use yah nahi pata hota ki jisko lekar vah antaryami ban raha hai darasal vah Law of Attraction ke antargar ho raha hai. Jo ki sugar ki bimari ko lekare hai ab jyadatar logo me yah sunane ko aata hai ki are 40 ke paar umra gayi.

To sugar hona aam baat hai Fir jab ki vah 40 vars ke hote hai to ab yahi vichar vo baar baar apne dimag me sochate aaye hai. To aap agar safal hona chahte hai ya bahut amir banana chahte hai ya aap apna koi bade se bada lakshya hasil karna chahte hai to apne dimag me usi vichar ko dohrahiye aur vahi frequency jo aap se niklegi to same chij ko attract karegi aur aapke saath ghatit hogi.

To aap vah baar baar soche jo aap chahte hai na ki vah jo aap nahi chahte Aap apne dimag mew uss chij ko imagine kare. Aapko pata hai bade bade success full logo se jab yah puchha gaya ki vah yah kaise karte the to unhone bataya ki vah jo banana chahte the ya paana chahte the use vah banane ya paane se pahle hi man me imagine yani kalpana karte rahte the.

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Principle ko hi use karte the To jab aap apne life me yah principle apply karna suru kare to yaad rakhe yah eka ek kisi rup me aapke yah tapak nahi padegi yah aapko rah dikhana suru karegi aapko avasar pradan karna suru karegi. To dekha na aapne ki the secret hindi pdf yah Law of Attraction kitna mazedar hai aur I Hope ki yah article aapko pasand aaya hoga aur yadi pasan aaya to ise social site par share karna na bhule aur apne vichar iss article ke baare me niche comment me likh sakte hai aur koi Question ho to bhi puchh sakte hai.

Skip to content.Baki logo ko asafalta hi haath lagti haipar kya aapko pata hai ki kisi bhi kaam me safalta ko pane ke liye kya chahiye hotaSafalta pane ke secret kya hai. Agar aapko nahi pata hai to fir ye post aap hi keliye hai kuki aaj me aapko Safalta ka rahasya batane vala hu. Agar aap kisi bhi kaam me safal hona chahte hai to ye post aapko jarur motivate karegi or umid hai ki aap is post ko padh ke apne safal hone ke prayaas naye tarike se karenge or apne pura dyaan denge.

Friends ye us samay ki baat hia jab school nahi hote thetab sabhi log gurukul me padhne jaya karte thetab guru shisy vali parampara me padhi hoti thi. Gurukul me bahut sare shisy theunme se ek ka name dev tahaDev kaafi tej tah or kafi honhar tha.

Guru ne uske prasn ko suna par kuch bole nahiDev ne fir se pucha. Guru ne bola abhi uchit samay nahi haiJab sahi samay aayega tab tumhe apne prasn ka utter mil jayega.

Kuch dino ke baad ek subah sabhi gurukul ke log pass ki nadi me naha rahe the. Guru bhi naha rahe the or sabhi sishy bhitabhi jor jor se chillane ki aavaj nunai di jaise koi badi musibat me hoSabse idhar udhar dekha to pata chala ki Dev nadi me duub raha hai ,ye dekh kar kuch log usko bachane ke liye aage badhelakin Guru ne sabko mana kar diya or Guru svayem usko bachane ke liye uski taref badhe.

Guru ko aata dekh Dev sant huva lakin Guru uske pass jate hi usko or gahre pane me dhakka de diya or usko bachane ki bajaaye usko dubane lage. Dev hath pair marne laga or pura prayas karne laga ki vo baahar aaye par guru usko tab tak dubate rahe jab tak ki vo mrne jaisa nahi ho gaya. Fir baad me Guru ne Dev ko bacha liya or naadi se baahar nikaal diya. Dev nadi se bahar aane ke baad jor jor se saan lene laga or fir normal hone ke baad usne guru se puch ki unhone usko bachane ki bajay usko gahre paani me dhakka ku diya or usko dubane ki kosis ku ki.

Guru ne usse kaha Dev aap pahle ye bataoo kijab me aapko dubo raha tah tab sabse jyada dyaan aapka kaha thaor sabse jyada kya khij tumhe chahiye thi. Iske alava safalta ka koi dusra rahasy nahi hai. Frineds is puri story ko padhne ke baad hame ye pata chahlta hai ki agar jivan me safal hone hai to hame jo chahiye usi par focues karna chahiye or puri ji jaan se ame uske liye prayaas karna chahiye.

Is tareh se prayaas karne se aap kisi bhi kaam me jarur safal hongeyahi Success mantra hai.

दुनिया की फेमस अनसुलझी रहस्यमय घटनाएं

Friends agar aapke pass ya aapke kisi friend ke pass isi tareh ki motivational and dusro ki help karne vali koi jankaari hai or aap hamri website me post karna chahte hai to aap hamse contact kare. Agar aapko ye story pasand aayi ho to is apne friends or family me share karna na bhule.

Isi tareh aap hume apna sahyoog dete raheThanks. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email.O Duniya Ke Rakhwale. Please rate this song between 1 star and 5 stars 5 stars being the best. Just move your mouse on the stars above and click as per your rating. Your rating will really help us to improve our website. Popular Lists Geetmala. Binaca Geetmala Topper. Binaca Geetmala Annual List Movie Summary. Blockbuster Movies. Blockbuster Movies 2. Blockbuster Movies 3.

Lata - Madhubala. Lata - Nargis. Lata - Meena Kumari. Bollywood Gallery. Sahir Ludhianvi. A Tribute to Manna Dey. Binaca Geetmala. Yearwise: s s s s s s s s s. O Duniya Ke Rakhwale 4. Mohammed Rafi. Baiju Bawra Shakeel Badayuni. Religious SongsSad Songs. In the album "Aathvaan Sur", Naushad offers commentary on this song and it is insightful. Nuashad said that Rafi-saab or saheb could not sing for three days after recording this song.

Its composition covers a wide range of the raaga and, of course, multiple octaves. People, remember, this was recorded on one track, in one take albeit after much practice! Rafi rerecorded this song two notes higher! It's part of "Aathvaan Sur". Rafi sahab the genious, powerslavenegi on Sunday, April 26, Mohd. The reason why these songs appeal and sooth us is because they imbody classical Indian music which was created for devotional prayers to the GODS.Hello Gaurav ji, aapki batein sunkar dil ko bada hi sukun aaya.

दुनिया के सबसे बड़े अनसुलझे रहस्य (जिसे देख पूरी दुनिया है अचंभित ) Unsolved Mysteries rahasya video

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