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Earn while you study Have you written lots of study guides or notes?A blackbody is an ideal thermal object that absorbs all radiation falling on it at low temperatures and is also a perfect radiator.

The curves of radiation intensity versus wavelength could not be explained by classical physics. Max Planck — developed an equation for blackbody radiation that agreed with the data. This derivation required two assumptions:.

The radical nature of Planck's vision is the assumption of quantized energy states. The terms discrete and quantum referred to considering the energy as coming in packets instead of as a continuous flow; thus, the molecule will change energy states only if the amount of energy absorbed or radiated is a discrete amount of energy. The phot oelectric effect is the emission of electrons from certain metals when light shines on the metallic surface.

Quantum Mechanics Quotes

The emitted electrons are called photoelectrons. A number of aspects of the effect were puzzling:. Einstein explained the photoelectric effect, using Planck's quantum hypothesis and the conservation of energy.

quantum mechanics notes for bsc

His equation is K. The work function is the energy required to release the electron from a particular metal. The energy of the incoming photons, or quanta, is hf ; therefore, the photoelectric equation simply states that the energy of the ejected electrons is the difference between the energy absorbed from the quanta of light and the energy required to escape from the material.

The unexplained observations described above can be illuminated by the following arguments. Compton scattering. Additional evidence for the quantized nature of electromagnetic waves came from the Compton effect, named for Arthur Compton — The scattered photon has less energy than the original photon, which can be seen as a change in wavelength.

Compton explained this by assuming that the photon behaves like a particle when interacting with the electron.

The conservation of momentum and energy used for elastic collisions of billiard balls could mathematically explain the experimental observations. The scattering effect is dependent upon the angle but not the wavelength. The small shift in wavelength would be too difficult to detect with less energetic photons, such as light photons. Particle-wave duality. The photoelectric effect and the Compton effect again point to the duality of the nature of electromagnetic radiation.This is a two semester, page introductory text, plus a 10 page index.

It includes material which overlaps with particle physics, including a number of interesting models as well as material on identical particles. I use a bra-ket notation which I learned from Schwinger, which is much simpler and easier to understand than the standard bra-ket notation. Included are about end of the chapter problems.

Obviously, there are quite a number of diagrams and figures included to do this and illustrate other topics, and these need some attention. Entire text is presently online; the Word version, as usual, has conversion problems from Mac version 5. The text now contains a chapter connecting to the Standard Model of particle physics. I am pleased to announce that a greatly updated and expanded version of this text has now been published by Taylor and Francis.

Please note that the older versions posted here copyrighted by Wilcox will always be available and will not be removed from the server. However, they will remain static. An enhanced buy-back plan has been negotiated with the publisher, and texts will be offered at a substantial discount to students or programs which can not afford to buy or require this text.

Quantum Principles and Particles This is a two semester, page introductory text, plus a 10 page index. Microsoft Word Version Quantum Mechanics.The duration of the Bachelor of Science Degree spans over a period of 3 years.

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Physics 4610 Syllabus

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quantum mechanics notes for bsc

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Please send me as soon as possible….Postulate 1. The state of a quantum mechanical system is completely specified by a function that depends on the coordinates of the particle s and on time. This function, called the wave function or state function, has the important property that is the probability that the particle lies in the volume element located at at time.

quantum mechanics notes for bsc

The wavefunction must satisfy certain mathematical conditions because of this probabilistic interpretation. For the case of a single particle, the probability of finding it somewhere is 1, so that we have the normalization condition Postulate 2.

To every observable in classical mechanics there corresponds a linear, Hermitian operator in quantum mechanics. This postulate comes about because of the considerations raised in section 3.

Some common operators occuring in quantum mechanics are collected in Table 1. Postulate 3.

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In any measurement of the observable associated with operatorthe only values that will ever be observed are the eigenvalueswhich satisfy the eigenvalue equation Although measurements must always yield an eigenvalue, the state does not have to be an eigenstate of initially. An arbitrary state can be expanded in the complete set of eigenvectors of as Thus, measurement affects the state of the system. This fact is used in many elaborate experimental tests of quantum mechanics.

(Quantum physics) Concept of wave packet for Bsc [HINDI]

Postulate 4. If a system is in a state described by a normalized wave functionthen the average value of the observable corresponding to is given by Postulate 5. Multiply by.I will usually be in my office later than these times as well, but earlier in the day I am usually busy.

My complete schedule is posted next to my office door. Feel free to make an appointment if you like.

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Text: Notes on Quantum Mechanics provided in class at the beginning of the semester. If you would like to consult a more complete and polished text, I recommend David J. Griffiths and Darrell F.

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There are many practical reasons to study quantum mechanics, since it underlies and illuminates so many aspects of physics, chemistry, and modern technology. Also, the mathematical tools of quantum mechanics calculus, linear algebra, Fourier analysis are used in a much wider array of scientific disciplines. More generally, studying quantum mechanics will continue to build your skills in problem solving and quantitative reasoning. On a less practical level, many students are simply curious about quantum mechanics, since it makes such outrageous assaults on our common ways of thinking about the world.

But perhaps most importantly, quantum mechanics forces us to think in new, unfamiliar ways: to develop intuition for the counter-intuitive. It is this kind of experience that constitutes education in the truest sense. Thus I hope you will find your study of quantum mechanics to be not merely informative, but also liberating. This course will treat the theory of quantum mechanics at a more advanced level than you saw in your Introductory Modern Physics course.

While this is mostly a course in quantum theoryI will also try to introduce some applications as time allows. Here is an outline of topics see also the table of contents in your draft textbook :.

Please try to read the assigned sections of the draft textbook before coming to class, and bring questions. Although I will lecture on much of this material, I will also try to reserve time for discussion and for hands-on activities. I expect you to attend regularly. We will have approximately 12 problem sets. As usual in a theoretical physics course, this is where most of the learning will take place. The problem sets are not tests, and you are not expected to be able to solve every problem correctly the first time, on your own.

So here are the rules:. Take pride in your work! Your final written solutions to problem sets should be clearly presented and fully explained, at a level of detail that any of your classmates could read and understand.Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "quantum-mechanics" Showing of Einstein was right - the world is crazy.

Atoms behave like atoms, nothing else. The important thing about electrons and protons is not what they are but how they behave, how they move.

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I can describe the situation by comparing it to the game of chess. In chess, we have various chessmen, kings, knights, pawns and so on. If you ask what chessman is, the answer would be that it is a piece of wood, or a piece of ivory, or perhaps just a sign written on paper, or anything whatever. It does not matter. Each chessman has a characteristic way of moving and this is all that matters about it. The whole game os chess follows from this way of moving the various chessmen.

Further research showed, from electron diffraction experiments for example, that they behaved like waves. As time went on there was a growing confusion about how these things really behaved waves or particles, particles or waves? Everything looked like both. This growing confusion was resolved in or with the advent of the correct equations for quantum mechanics.

Now we know how the electrons and light behave. But what can I call it? If I say they behave like particles I give the wrong impression; also if I say they behave like waves. They behave in their own inimitable way, which technically could be called a quantum mechanical way. They behave in a way that is like nothing that you have seen before. Your experience with things that you have seen before is incomplete.

The behavior of things on a very tiny scale is simply different. An atom does not behave like a weight hanging on a spring and oscillating. Nor does it behave like a miniature representation of the solar system with little planets going around in orbits. Nor does it appear to be somewhat like a cloud or fog of some sort surrounding the nucleus. It behaves like nothing you have seen before. There is one simplication at least.

Electrons behave in this respect in exactly the same way as photons; they are both screwy, but in exactly in the same way…. The difficulty really is psychological and exists in the perpetual torment that results from your saying to yourself, "But how can it be like that? I will not describe it in terms of an analogy with something familiar; I will simply describe it.

There was a time when the newspapers said that only twelve men understood the theory of relativity. I do not believe there ever was such a time. There might have been a time when only one man did, because he was the only guy who caught on, before he wrote his paper.

But after people read the paper a lot of people understood the theory of relativity in some way or other, certainly more than twelve.

quantum mechanics notes for bsc

On the other hand, I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics. So do not take the lecture too seriously, feeling that you really have to understand in terms of some model what I am going to describe, but just relax and enjoy it. I am going to tell you what nature behaves like.

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