Titan Motorsports Well-Known Member. We will fit a or once ours get here. Will let you know how they fit. RenierR10 Well-Known Member. It should easily fit a TreyE Well-Known Member. Titan Motorsports likes this. Rays recommends a rear. So if you want to go by recommendation I would stick with that. The OEM tires will fit as well for those that don't want to buy new tires right off the bat.

TreyE likes this. I'm fairly certain that the will work, however, it hasn't been confirmed so we do not want to give anyone the go ahead until we can be sure. Especially if the is closer. Not all tire manufacturers are true to size. EastCoastSupra likes this. I will be test fitting s and will report back.

That's what we are here for! EastCoastSuprajay1k2TreyE and 1 other person like this. Our Air Freight wheels are here. Axix23 Well-Known Member. Gloss black? What size are those? You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your username or email address: Do you already have an account?Volk Racing is the gold standard of high-end forged wheels.

s2000 te37 fitment

They're well known for being incredible lightweight and extremely strong, thanks to their unique forging process. Their mold-form forging process works by creating the shape of the wheel during the forging process, which allows the grain of the metal to flow with the shape of the wheel, resulting in much greater strength. They are also widely used by enthusiasts and grass roots racers all over the world.

For more than 2 decades now, Volk Racing has offered some of the best wheels on the aftermarket. As they continue to innovate and push the market forward, they set new trends and manufacturing processes. Whether you need wheels for your daily driver or your track toy, Volk Racing by Rays Engineering has something for you! Home Wheels by Size Volk Racing. Shop For Your Vehicle. Vehicle type.

S2000 New Tire Prep - Sport Cup 2 on Volk CE28N

CE28 Club Racer 8 products. CE28 Club Racer Scholarship 3 products. CE28N Spoke 13 products. CE28N 8-Spoke 6 products. CE28SL 23 products. G 66 products. G12 29 products. G12 Porsche 4 products. G16 90 products.

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G25 43 products. G25 Inch 1 product. G25 EDGE 12 products. G27 37 products. G27 Progressive 7 products. G50 61 products.

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s2000 te37 fitment

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s2000 te37 fitment

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Te37 Saga Time Attack Edition fitment. Thread starter Anamesis Start date Nov 11, Anamesis Member. Hey all, Possibly a stupid question, but I am close to pulling the trigger on a set of TE37 Saga Time attack, in 18x9. I'm not sure that I understand all the different face options for TE There wouldn't be any reason these wouldn't fit an FK8 would there?

I'm thinking of getting the same wheels. Rays lists the FK8 as a tuner fitment for 18x9.

Te37 Saga Time Attack Edition fitment

I doubt there would be any issues with street use and street tires. Nice, thanks for the reply. Anamesis said:. I attached the first of the batch for CTR fitment. Looks ugly, they should of kept the TE37 OG spoke design where the spokes don't stick out past the rim edge before concaving into the wheel hub. Yea I think that face 4 picture was on a I saw a few pictures on Facebook of this rim mounted on a CTR.MMR Active Member. Oh man this is going to be good.

I'm excited to see these on a car but hope they revamp the rear specs as the fronts are going to sit more aggressive than the rears. Maybe just maybe at a stock ride height they'll look good but lowered your going to want to run spacers even with a bulged tire. TreyE Well-Known Member. I'm about to pull the trigger on bronze ones for my nocturnal Titan Motorsports Well-Known Member. We just received confirmation that ours hit the US.

We aired in a few sets for us and some other customers, Stocking batch coming in the next 4 weeks. EastCoastSupra and TreyE like this. Axix23 Well-Known Member. Just ordered an incoming set from Titan Motorsports in Bronze. Any on a black car yet!? Titan Motorsports likes this. Thelostrican Active Member. I preordered mine with titan I hope they are in the ones that arrived. TreyE likes this. Stocking batch coming in the next few weeks with more colors. These beauties are already sold.

Has anyone tried fitting a or on the rear? You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your username or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?Heads up! Highlighted items are for OEM wheels, the rest are replacement options. The market is the region where the car was sold or is still being sold. Found a bug? Have a question about Honda S wheel specs? Share your knowledge! We are incredibly happy to announce that the new Wheel Size app is now available in the Google Play Store!

Wheel Fitment for any car, your search history, news about professional tire tests — all in one app. Use our database with daily updates on your website. The widget is easy to use, it has a user-friendly interface and powerful Widget API!

Please take a look at the Demo to see it in action. Install our widget on your website! Wheel- Size. Wheel fitment and tire size guide and knowledge base Last Update: April 12,a. Search Form for vehicle model, tire size or rims Choose a tab below to get fitment data for your vehicle or to find vehicles matching your criteria.

By vehicle what wheels will fit your car By tire size what vehicles use this tire size By rim size what vehicles use this rim size Add Wheel Size Widget to your website New!

TE37 in A90 fitment

Search by car make, year and model. Wheel Size Widget for your website! Search by rim size Specify values for fields below to find matching vehicles: Rim Diameter 10 12 13 14 15 16 Page navigation by markets: Heads up! Honda S 2. It is measured in millimeters. Some factory wheels have a center bore that matches exactly with the hub to reduce vibration by keeping the wheel centered.

Rim width in x rim diameter in J is mounting flange type. ET35 is positive offset of 35mm.

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It is vital not to deviate too far from the offset of the wheel originally fitted to the vehicle. PCD is measured in mm. See Alloy Wheel fitment information for Honda S for other model years: News and core facts We are alive! Wheel Fitment for any car, your search history, news about professional tire tests — all in one app Add Wheel Size Widget to your Website Use our database with daily updates on your website.

Try our Wheel Calculator Help us with our new project TiresVote. Submit tire review. Your email was successfully sent. Notify about the error in selected text Add your data and comments Send us the correct data Other.Up for sale is a set of used JDM 5 Spoke wheels. The manufacturer is unknown. They measure 17x8. The offset is unknown but the wheels will work on most cars with 5x hubs. They come wrapped in a set of federal tires but we would recommend replacing them. Please see all item photos.

This would be an excellent set of wheels for people looking for drifting spares or drag spares that have excellent JDM quality and durability! Up for sale is a nice set of Enkei RP01 wheels in a very nice black with blue lip finish.

These thin 5 spoke wheels are extremely light and would be a great addition to any 4x The tires come with the wheels for protection, they are subject to inspection for use. Actual item photos. Here is a clean set of OZ Racing Superleggera 17 inch wheels. These OZ wheels are of high quality wheels.

They have very little scratches. The wheels are free of any bents. The two tone color make these wheels stand out. Home Honda Wheels. Honda Engines. Front Clips. Imported RHD Cars. JDM Honda 4x Giovanna Dalar 5 Rims Wheels 24x9.These betting tips are free for players like you and the tips that you will find here are recommended by professional tipsters with a great experience behind them.

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s2000 te37 fitment

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